Workplace Immigration



Faced with low unemployment and severe skills gaps, today's HR professionals seek talent from around the world. Over 85 percent of SHRM members report that it is very important to recruit talent to meet business needs, regardless of the talent's national origin. Employers must access all pools of untapped workers, but a lack of visas to meet demand and a lack of tools to hire a legal workforce complicate employers' ability to navigate an already complex system.



Today’s workplace immigration system should empower U.S. employers to be competitive and innovative, instead, it discourages a world-class workforce and fails to provide employers with the tools to recruit and retain top global talent. Employers lack a modernized employment immigration system that is reliable and allows them to confirm applicants’ identity and work authorization. 

SHRM Position

  • Access to Talent: SHRM supports policies that ensure employers have access to visas to recruit, hire, transfer and retain top talent, especially those educated and trained in the United States.
  • Employment Verification: SHRM advocates for one reliable, entirely electronic employment verification system that integrates the Form I-9, provides users a good faith defense and is only for new hires.
  • Pre-Certified Employers: SHRM believes a “Trusted Employer” program should be implemented to create efficiencies for employees, employers and the government.

Bottom Line

The U.S. needs a modern workplace immigration system that allows employers to access authorized top global talent and creates efficiencies while protecting workers.